UT Complex (Bladder and Kidney Support) 90 caps
UT Complex (Bladder and Kidney Support) 90 caps
Biotics Research Corp

UT Complex (Bladder and Kidney Support) 90 caps

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UT Complex from Biotics Research Corp.

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UT Complex™ offers targeted, effective support for healthy urinary tract function. Using unique botanicals from Traditional Chinese Medicine known to support urinary tract (UT) health, UT Complex™ was formulated and tested in a clinical setting, where its ability to successfully support this critical body system was evaluated.

Positive effects were noted with use. Biotics Research Corporation has partnered with Dr. Gary Lasneski, DC, MS, LDN, a world-renowned health care professional who specializes in using herbal remedies in his clinical practice, to develop and clinically evaluate a product to safely and effectively support the UT system.

As a result, Biotics Research is proud to offer UT Complex™, exclusively available through healthcare professionals.



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