Global Healing

The ultimate key to health lies at the heart of Global Healing’s philosophy and the concept that led Dr. Edward Group lll to build Global Healing from the ground up — teach your body to heal itself.

Global Healing began in 1998 when Dr. Group founded the company in Houston, Texas, with two employees in a 200 square-foot office. With vision, love, and a heart for their customers, Global Healing has grown into an international brand that serves as an industry leader in natural health, combining modern technological innovation with time-honored traditional herbal knowledge.

Dr. Cindy and Walt have visited Global Healing’s facility in Houston and spoken with the director of their state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratory. From sourcing ingredients in their most natural, high frequency state, organic, and wildcrafted, Global Healing manages quality every step of the way. By focusing on products rooted in nature and free of toxic additives, you can feel confident Global Healing products will have a meaningful, positive impact on your health.

Global Health products not only contain superior nutritive value but have also undergone rigorous quality control tests at every step of the growing and manufacturing processes. These high-quality ingredients are verified by third-party labs for purity and potency with precise specifications for ingredient identity, microbe limits, heavy metal limits, and non-GMO verifications. The Global Healing label is QNOrganic’s promise to you that the product you hold has met our commitment to quality and purity.