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Our company was founded in 1995 by Walt and Emily Canady, as we developed an outrageous interest in health and nutrition due to health challenges I was facing. We opened our first clinic and nutrition center in 2002 in New Braunfels, Texas, south of Austin.  Our internet business also expanded that same year.

QNOrganic is a member of Healthy People 2020.

How I became an advocate for good nutrition is similar to the reason many people get interested: I had severe health problems.  In fact, in 1994, my doctor told me that at the rate my body was deteriorating, I had less than six years to live!


After being the owner of several fast-food franchise restaurants here in Austin, my diet for many years had been hamburgers, fries, fried apple pies and Dr. Pepper. It was rare for me to drink water. My favorite drink was Dr. Pepper. The toxicity of my body finally caught up with me. I had pains throughout my body. Only way to shift gears in my car was with my left hand, because raising my right arm hurt so much. I had to lift my legs to get them into my car due to the pain.

The doctors wanted to do surgery to replace cartilage in the different joints of my body.

They gave me a prescription for pain pills. The information about the pain pills said that they could cause liver and kidney damage. Since I was in bad enough shape without liver and kidney damage, I did not fill the prescription or have the surgery.

Instead, I read an article in a nutrition book that said how bad fried foods and soft drinks were for the body. It talked about how important drinking water and juicing vegetables was so important for a healthy body. After buying a juicer and changing my diet, all the pain went away within 3 months.

Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Now I understood why what we put into our bodies really matters.

Now at 75 years of age, I have the energy and stamina that I had when I was in my 30′s!

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At QNOrganic, we offer the latest nutritional information based on science and clinical studies. We also want to offer the best prices you can find on the Internet. Our mission at Quiddity Nutrition is to help as many people as we can with health and nutrition issues. That is why we offer FREE Nutritional Counseling from Certified Nutritionists, and the products we offer are the very best available. These nutrients are exactly what every nutritional product should be (but very few are): 100% Living Plant Source, and No Toxic Ingredients.

Walt Tells Why QN Organic Was Created from QNOrganic.com on Vimeo.

  • The Quiddity Team: Ours is a family run business. My wife, Emily, our daughter, Amy and her husband, Colin head up the business. You will talk directly to the owners when you call our office!
  • We believe in humanity: Therefore, if you treat people well, they will treat you well in return. So that’s how we lead our lives and run our business.
  • Personal Philosophy: Love God, our Creator, and love others as we love ourselves. This says it all about how to live our lives.
  • Business Philosophy: Quality, Value and Caring before Profits