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Virus Response: National Institutes of Health**

Numerous studies published by the National Institutes of Health have for many years reported that aloe leaf possesses numerous antiviral, immunomodulation, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of polysaccharides.

Acemannan (acetylated soluble polymannose) is the major bioactive polysaccharide of Aloe vera, from which gel and skin is extracted and bio-preserved in the Houston laboratory of Dr. Santiago Rodriguez.

Aloe Vera is organic, freeze dried, inner leaf Aloe vera powder. It has a bio-active profile nearly identical to natural Aloe vera inner leaf gel and is the highest quality, most bioavailable, most immunomodulatory Aloe vera available.
Absolutely no other Aloe vera product can match its bioavailable polysaccharide and acemannan content. Compare and see for yourself, Aloe Vera is the gold standard for Aloe Vera capsules!

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