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Since 2002, QNOrganic.com has worked with Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutrition Labs, founded by Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD, located just down the road from our clinic in Round Rock, Texas.

Besides PRL, we only offer products from four other supplement manufacturers located near us in Texas. We work with these products on a daily basis.

Each company must meet our standards for superior nutritional products that really work!

100% Living Source – No Synthetics

- 100% Solvent Free Vegetable Capsules

- 100% Additive Free

- 100% Toxin-Free

- 100% Pesticide-Free

- Photoluminescence Testing of all Raw Materials

- Certified by the United States Pharmacopeia Good Manufacturing Program

- Only the Highest Grade 10 Organic Ingredients

Our Mission:

We believe in humanity: We believe if you treat people well, they will treat you well in return. So that’s how we lead our lives and run our business.

Personal Philosophy: Love God, our Creator, and love others as we love ourselves. This says it all about how to live our lives.

Business Philosophy: Quality, Value and Caring before Profits We work only with manufacturers we know and trust.