ParaStat (Premier Cleansing & Intestinal Support) 60 Vcaps
Premier Research Labs (PRL)

ParaStat (Premier Cleansing & Intestinal Support) 60 Vcaps

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ParaStat (Premier Intestinal Cleansing Support) from Premier Research Labs

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Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Excipient Free!

ParaStat is a nutraceutical formula for premier cleansing and intestinal support.

Key Benefits:

  • Intestinal Cleanser and Rejuvenator
  • Helps promote a healthy immune system
  • Used to clear intestinal parasites of all kinds: worms, giardia, amoeba, etc.

Additional Information:

  • Used by hundreds of U.S. doctors to promote intestinal cleansing with stunning results
  • According to Premier Research Labs, "ParaStat is the most powerful herbal complex that I have ever used for the intestines. We received rave reviews when we tested ParaStat. Some of the doctors who gave ParaStat to their patients said it is the "best product of it kind" that they have ever used. No other herbal product has such an excellent 8,500 year track record."
  • The ParaStat is for intestinal bugs and can be used with the castor packs over the abdomen for the 90 day protocol. Or use with Mag O7 or other intestinal cleanser.
  • The Paratosin is for liver flukes (these can also host in the spleen, pancreas, or gallbladder). Paratosin is used along with the Gallbladder Clear Caps for a 30 day protocol.

Premier ParaStat contains the following:

  • Supplement Facts: Serving Size 1 capsule, Servings per Container 60
  • Para-Pro 285 mg: Holarrhena (bark) (Holarrhena antidysenterica) 
  • Para-Pro Support 181 mg: Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa), Hyssop (leaf & stem) (Hyssopus officinalis), Oregano (leaf), Olive (leaf) (Olea europaea), Irish Moss (whole) (Chondrus crispus), Aquamin F Mineralized Red Algae (whole) (Lithothamnion sp.), Fennel (seed) (Foeniculum vulgare)
  • Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule
  • Keep out of reach of children


Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily or as directed by a health professional. Store in a cool, dry place. 

It is suggested to use Therazyme TRMA (Trauma) and Aerobic Life Mag 07 while using this product. is licensed to distribute nutritional supplements, foods and wellness products manufactured by Premier Research Labs, Austin, Texas, USA.

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