Hormone Balance & Protect (Hormone Support) 120 Caps
Hormone Balance & Protect (Hormone Support) 120 Caps
Biotics Research Corp

Hormone Balance & Protect (Hormone Support) 120 Caps

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Hormone Balance & Protect by Biotics Research Corp.

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A New Era of Hormonal Health

Traditionally, healthcare practitioners look exclusively at hormone levels to determine hormonal health. Today, we understand endocrine health is dependent on many factors such as hormone receptor functionality, often disrupted by the modern environment.

Introducing Receptor Detox and Hormone Balance & Protect, formulated by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson as a culmination of her long-standing work as hormone scholar at the Center for Bioenvironmental Research, a Tulane University think-tank. These products are designed to:

  • Improve hormone receptor functionality*
  • Protect and maintain balance, bioavailability and safety of hormones*
  • Restore optimal endocrine activity*

Hormone Balance & Protect offers nutritional and herbal support that is necessary for the healthy metabolism of natural hormones as well as hormonal therapies.

Hormone Balance & Protect provides the nutrients to optimize receptor health as well as key hormone-balancing nutrients.

This formula is designed to support balanced and safe hormone levels as well as foster healthy signaling between the hormone and its respective receptor.

Biotics Hormone Balance & Protect is a nutritional and herbal formula critical to supporting healthy and safe metabolism of endogenous hormones as well as hormonal therapies. Optimal endocrine function requires both sufficient hormone production and availability, as well as highly functioning hormone receptors. 

This formula provides key nutrients and botanicals to help stabilize hormone levels and enhance their binding, restoring balance to hormonal signaling pathways. 

Biotics Hormone Balance & Protect Benefits:
• Protects and helps maintain balance, bioavailability and safety of naturally produced hormones as well as prescribed hormonal therapies.
• Promotes hormone balance by enhancing bioavailability of hormone action on diverse cells.
• Supports overall balanced and hormonal health including receptor functionality, optimal duration of signaling time and nutrient support for transcriptional co-factors to get critical hormone signals into cell’s genes.

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