"Indestructible Success" (in Paperback) SPECIAL LOW PRICE!
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"Indestructible Success" (in Paperback) SPECIAL LOW PRICE!

Special Pricing!

Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business

(In Paperback) Special Price! - Only $8.95!

Nominated for a Small Business Book Award in: Leadership "Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business" is written by Seth Braun and published by Rhythm House.

Seth Braun is a speaker, coach and consultant. His book is aimed at knowledge workers, business owners, entrepreneurs, holistic professionals and next generation leaders, with the goal to give them the tools to execute confident, focused, productive work. 

The purpose of the book is to prepare today's and tomorrow's leaders for learning how to think creatively in a world where the mundane can be automated.  This book gives you tips, tools and stories to help you develop real spiritual muscle for more moments of peace while you ensure long-term success and achievement. 

Here is some of what you can expect:

Cultivating Creativity
Having Fun
Developing Leadership
Keeping It Real

Table of Contents:

Section A: Discover Your Dreams and Make Them Real

Section B: Develop Your Capacity for Higher Achievement

Section C: Bring Your Gifts To The World
Section D: Walking The Path - Life and Work As Awareness Practice

You will grab distraction and overwhelm and kick it out the door. You will discover the techniques for handling fear. You will learn how to generate unshakeable confidence. Written with the credo, "having fun and keeping it real," Indestructible Success is the success book of the decade for Gen Zers, Gen Xers and Millennials. 

From the Publisher:

Feel inspired as you discover a compelling vision. Get tools you can use to uncover that vision for the next greatest version of your life. You will get clear on your vision and mission in life. A vision literally wakes you up, gives you energy and pulls you forward in life.

Drawing on the best practices in business, leadership, performance and creative process, Seth Braun synthesizes a fantastic array of tools to help you get clear on who you are and where you are going in business and life.

Remember when you have felt truly free and grateful? How about that experience more often? Create inner freedom while simultaneously fully engaging in life, creativity and business.

When you are free, you are able to go for your dreams with more passion, joy and enthusiasm. Inner development means being exemplary. When you are exemplary you are a light to others. The more you succeed, the better it is for the world. 

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