Iodizyme-HP (Iodine/Iodide Supplement) 120 Tabs
Iodizyme-HP (Iodine/Iodide Supplement) 120 Tabs
Biotics Research Corp

Iodizyme-HP (Iodine/Iodide Supplement) 120 Tabs

Iodizyme-HP from Biotics Research Corp.

Gluten and dairy free!

Iodizyme-HP™ is a high potency iodine supplement, supplying both iodine and iodide. As a result of decreased iodine status, due to the typical Western diet, sufficient thyroxine cannot be produced, thus negatively impacting thyroid function.

The use of oral iodine/iodide can aid in circumventing this issue. Although approximately 80% of the dietary intake of iodine is sequestered by the thyroid gland, other tissues concentrate iodine as well. These tissues include the salivary glands, the gastric mucosa, the choroid plexus, the mammary glands and the ovaries.

Published information suggests iodine/iodide helps to maintain healthy hydroxyl estrogen ratios as well. 


One half tablet each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
High dose iodine products should only be used under the direct supervision of a healthcare professional that is licensed to diagnose and treat.

Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

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