ChondroSamine-S (Bone & Joint Support) 90 Caps
ChondroSamine-S (Bone & Joint Support) 90 Caps
Biotics Research Corp

ChondroSamine-S (Bone & Joint Support) 90 Caps

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ChondroSamine-S (Bone & Joint Support) from Biotics Research Corp.

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ChondroSamine plus is one of may favorite products for healing over worked joints and helping with swelling in the joints. This product has vitamin C for the adrenal glands, which when over worked will cause the weakest joint in the body to be sore.  When you wake up with a swollen ankle or stiff neck always start working on relaxing.

Also you can take Intenzyme Forte in large amounts with the ChondroSamine Plus when you have an injury or you are sore from to much exercise. You would take 3 of the ChondroSamine Plus with meals, and 15 Intenzyme Forte; 5 on arising, 5 two hours after lunch, and 5 before bed.

These 2 supplements are the best pain products that I know of and many times work better than pain killers with known side effects. Very important to know if you are headed for legal drug pain killer addiction. Biotics Research has the best natural pain management products I have ever seen.

Comprehensive Joint Support with Glucosamine Sulfate  



Recommendation: Three capsules each daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women.

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