Thyrostim  (Endocrine Support) 90 Tabs and 270 Tabs
Thyrostim  (Endocrine Support) 90 Tabs and 270 Tabs
Biotics Research Corp

Thyrostim (Endocrine Support) 90 Tabs and 270 Tabs

Thyrostim (Endocrine Support) from Biotics Research Corp.

Thyrostim is one of the best products we know of to help with a low or hypo thyroid. This product feeds the anterior pituitary and well as feeding the thyroid the nutrients it needs. Always take Biotics Organic Flax Oil Caps with Thyrostim at 2 of each 3 times a day.

When adrenal cortisol levels are high for long periods of time you will need to take ADHS to feed and balance the adrenal glands.

When adrenal gland hormones are high, the thyroid will not convert its hormones properly. I have seen people who get in a 12 Step Program and learn not to worry and learn not to try and control people and they learn to have serenity in their lives.  With the right nutrition their thyroid comes into balance.

Worry will destroy the anterior pituitary gland and the adrenals.  The thyroid and male and female organs will also suffer. So it is very important to start to work on your emotional issues while you are balancing your hormones.

The nutrients in Thyrostim, ADHS, and ProMulti Plus will help your body get in balance as you learn new ways to react to life. This can be life changing when you are open to it.

If you are reacting to people in your life negatively Al-ANON is a great program to show you \nhow to live and have support.

This product is gluten free!


RECOMMENDATION: Two (2) tablets one (1) to two (2) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

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