Osteo-B Plus (Bone Support) 90 Tab and 180 Tabs
Osteo-B Plus (Bone Support) 90 Tab and 180 Tabs
Biotics Research Corp

Osteo-B Plus (Bone Support) 90 Tab and 180 Tabs

Osteo-B Plus (Bone Support) from Biotics Research Corp.

Bone is a dynamic tissue that requires adequate nutrition for maintenance and growth. Maintaining a healthy balance between bone building and bone dissolution is dependent on adequate supplies of distinct nutrients. Osteoporosis is a condition associated with the abnormal reduction of bone density resulting from the excessive loss of bone minerals, most notably calcium, often leading to fractures of the spine, vertebrae, and hips.

While men are also affected, osteoporosis primarily affects women. We all know the importance of calcium in preventing osteoporosis. Interestingly, published data shows the majority of those suffering from osteoporosis are not necessarily calcium- deficient!

Evidence clearly supports the view that multiple nutrients are essential to support a healthy skeletal system.

Recommendation: 3 tablets daily

Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women.

Osteo-B Plus® supplies a wide array of essential and important nutrients to assist in preserving existing bone  mineral mass and protein matrix and to support repair mechanisms.

They include:

Calcium is supplied in the highly bioavailable citrate form, which is especially important for those having difficulty absorbing calcium due to conditions associated with low stomach acid (such as hypochlorhydria).

Magnesium, a co-factor for key enzymes in bone, is necessary for remodeling and is  involved in converting vitamin D to its active hormone form. In osteoporotic women,  abnormal mineralization has been correlated with low magnesium levels. Magnesium  supplementation, when combined with calcium, may increase bone mineralization.

Manganese is required for the synthesis of connective tissue chondroitin sulfates that form the matrix upon which mineral deposition  occurs. An important article published by the American Chemical Society states that  osteoporotic women were found to have only 25% of the manganese levels found in normal controls.

Zinc enhances the action of vitamin D and is a co-factor for alkaline phosphate, an important enzyme found in bone. Published research  reveals low levels of serum and bone zinc in osteoporotic patients. Typical diets supply less than the optimal levels of zinc.

Copper is a co-factor for the enzyme that forms cross-links between collagen in  connective tissue. Collagen is laid down to  establish a protein matrix for mineralization. Copper deficiency may lead to abnormal bone deposition.

Boron affects the actions of hormones associated with bone health. Research shows that boron deprivation increases the excretion of calcium. Normalization of steroidal hormone levels, closely related to bone mineralization, are seen in post-menopausal women following daily supplementation with boron.

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, is micro- emulsified for enhanced bioavailability and  regulates calcium absorption. Inadequate vitamin D levels can lead to calcium deficiencies and soft bones (a condition known as osteomalacia). Low vitamin D levels are common in women over 40.

B-Complex vitamins function as co- enzymes in metabolic pathways that provide  energy and building blocks from foods.  Shortages of these key nutrients impair healing and repair by connective tissues and bone  turnover.

Silicon, provided from an exceptionally rich botanical source, is required for the structural integrity of connective tissue and bone strength.

Vitamin K, also a fat-soluble vitamin, is required for the synthesis of osteocalcin, the bone protein that attracts calcium to bone  tissue. Important research published in the  Annuals of Internal Medicine stated that  supplemental vitamin K reduced calcium  excretion by up to 50% in individuals with  osteoporosis.

Osteo-B Plus® supplies vitamin K as a micro-emulsion for enhanced uptake. This is very important, as maldigestion is a common cause of vitamin K deficiency.

Purified Chondroitin Sulfates are glycosaminoglycans found in connective tissue, such as cartilage. Chondroitin sulfates occur  in bone where they initiate bone formation.

Osteo-B Plus® supplies highly purified chondroitin sulfates which can be readily  absorbed.

Vitamin C is required by hydroxyamino acids which form cross- links with collagen and  elastin in mature  connective tissue and matrix. One study found that 20% of elderly  women were deficient in vitamin C, even though they consumed 100% (60 mg) of the  Recommended Daily  Intake (RDI).


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