MCS-2 (Detoxification - Metabolic Clearing Support) 90 Caps
MCS-2 (Detoxification - Metabolic Clearing Support) 90 Caps
Biotics Research Corp

MCS-2 (Detoxification - Metabolic Clearing Support) 90 Caps

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MCS-2 (Metabolic Clearing Support) from Biotics Research Corp. 

This supplement is a unique formulation combining vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical components and other nutritive synergists to support healthy Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways.

MCS-2 "metabolic clearing support," is a unique dietary supplement designed to balance Phase 2 detoxification pathways in the liver. This supplement combines nutritional support, vitamins, sulfur bearing amino acids, parotid glandular, and herbal adaptogens.

Take MCS-2 when exposed to non-medicinal gases, heavy metal body burdens and other problems where the liver's ability to clear toxins has been burdened. MCS-2 would be a great product to use if you are a car mechanic or a painter. Begin with taking 1 capsule a day and work up to 3 a day over a 9 day period.

You must take Beta-TCP when taking MCS-2 in order to open up the bile ducts so the toxins have a way out of the liver. Take 1 Beta-TCP every time you take a capsule of MCS-2. Beta-TCP and MCS-2 are great products to take on a regular basis for heavy metal detoxification.

Recommendation: One (1) capsule two (2) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.

Caution: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

The liver is regarded as the major organ controlling metabolic homeostasis. It serves as the body’s main route for “metabolic clearing,” and functions as the body’s primary pathway for detoxification, and subsequent elimination of harmful substances.1 Metabolic homeostasis is defined as “the maintenance of a constant supply of substrates, which can be oxidized to provide energy.”2 This process, in  which the liver plays a vital role, requires both the capability to build up reserves, and the ability to break down these stores during times of need. Since the liver functions at the core of these mechanisms, via its role in both the regulation and control of these actions, it is crucial that optimal liver function be maintained, as the body is  constantly exposed to a wide variety of potentially damaging substances, which if left unchecked can result in  suboptimal liver function.  

Botanical Support of Detoxification Pathways

Herbal components are known to possess hepatoprotective actions, thus serve an important role in liver support during metabolic clearing and detoxification. MCS-2® supplies a unique blend of herbs to support these processes, including Milk Thistle, Lycium berries, Cleavers, Culvers, Burdock, and Red Clover.    

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