Equi-Fem (Multi-Vitamin/Minerals for Women) 126 Tabs
Equi-Fem (Multi-Vitamin/Minerals for Women) 126 Tabs
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Equi-Fem (Multi-Vitamin/Minerals for Women) 126 Tabs

Equi-Fem  (Multi-Vitamin/Mineral for Women) from Biotics Research Corp. 

Equi-Fem is a source of vitamins, minerals and glandular components known to support female endocrine function.

Equi-Fem is the best female multi I know of for helping with menopause.

Recommendation: Take 6 a day, 2 breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Also add 4 Optimal EFA Caps, 2 breakfast and 2 dinner.  To round out the program, you can add b-VITAL for a libido boost at 2 a day, and B12/Folate Plus to help balance hormones.

For younger females, Equi-Fem, take  4 a day, 2 breakfast and 2 dinner with Optimal EFA Caps at 4 a day or 2 teaspoons of the liquid. If you are a female athlete, take 6 a day, 2 breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 6 of the EFA Sirt Supreme for the vitamin E and the essential fatty acids.

The female athlete should also take b-VITAL to help with power and energy.

Try to eat organic food because pesticides mimic estrogen and that will have a major effect on how you feel. Pesticides also cause cancer and women are getting cancer younger and younger these days. Try to eat 2/3 fruits and vegetables to 1/3 starches and proteins. These diet changes and the supplements above will make a huge difference in how you feel.

If you have cramping during your period, you can add 6 to 9 of the Bio-CMP, 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, and 3 dinner. This is one of the best products to help with cramping.

Warning:  Do not use this product if you are on hormone replacement therapies or taking oral contraceptives. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. 

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