Potassium-HP with Magnesium (Trace Mineral Support) 10 oz. powder
Potassium-HP with Magnesium (Trace Mineral Support) 10 oz. powder
Biotics Research Corp

Potassium-HP with Magnesium (Trace Mineral Support) 10 oz. powder

Potassium-HP with Magnesium from Biotics Research Corp.

Potassium-HP with Magnesium is a product that will help you balance the sodium/potassium pump at the cellular level. People who have been on fast food for years have a build up of salt in their tissues which causes bloating and a puffiness to the tissues.

As you start to eat better and balance the minerals in your body, this product will help get more potassium in your tissues. One scoop supplies approx. 4.8 grams which is 120 mg of magnesium and 1200 mg of potassium. 

This product is another missing link in our ability to help people with hypertension and high blood pressure. We need 5,000 mg or more per day of this important mineral.

When people are eating fast foods or canned foods, the salt level is so high that the body starts to retain fluid and the body has to raise the blood pressure to get the blood through the body. If you start to measure your salt intake and get it down to no more that 1500 mg a day and get your potassium levels up to 5000 mg you will see a huge change in your blood pressure. 

Recommendation: Take 3 teaspoons per day and up your fruits and vegetables, organic meat, chicken, and fish, add organic dairy, and you will hit the 5000 mg of potassium per day easily.

Your bloating will start going away, your blood pressure will come down, and you will be a new you!

Potassium-HP is perfect for the endurance athlete who is needing extra potassium after running long distance races in 90 degree weather. If you eat out at a restaurant, and you have that salt bloat after a meal,  this is the perfect product to take when you get home to get rid of the bloating. Remember, potassium is the missing mineral when you are eating overly salted fast food.

Potassium-HP with Mag will make a huge difference in the way you feel.

Potassium-HP® (with Magnesium) is developed in conjunction with Alex Vasquez, DC, ND, DO, Director of the Medical Board of Advisors for Biotics Research Corporation, Potassium-HP® (with Magnesium) is an easy to use, high potency mineral supplement supplied as a powder which dissolves readily in water.

With increased appreciation for the need for potassium, the Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences recently increased the minimal “Adequate Intake” of potassium to 4.7 grams per day. Less than 10% of Americans are meeting this level of potassium intake, and the failure to consume enough potassium, magnesium, and alkalinizing substances such as citrate has negative consequences for the health of bones, the brain, the endocrine system, and the ability to excrete toxins. We can now address these problems with Potassium-HP® (with Magnesium), providing potassium, magnesium, and citrate.

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