Daily MultiVitamins - Biotics ProMulti-Plus, 180 Caps
Daily MultiVitamins - Biotics ProMulti-Plus, 180 Caps
Biotics Research Corp

Daily MultiVitamins - Biotics ProMulti-Plus, 180 Caps

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ProMulti-Plus (Family Daily MultiVitamins & Minerals) by Biotics Research Corp. 

ProMulti-Plus is the multi-vitamin that we had been looking for. There has never been a more complete multi-vitamin. ProMulti-Plus has all the B vitamins in huge amounts and has all the trace minerals the body needs to build hair, nails, teeth, and strong bones. It has green tea extract, quercetin and citrus bioflavonoids to help the cells with key antioxidants. 

Daily MultiVitamins - ProMulti-Plus has predigested B vitamins that will still be absorbed when a person has a congested liver. So many people have livers that are not functioning right and these B vitamins really help the liver with detoxification. As you are comparing labels, you will see there is nothing that compares with ProMulti-Plus.

This product is a high potency vitamin and mineral supplement that also contains key phytonutrient support. 
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals and important botanical constituents possessing significant antioxidant activity.
  • More Vitamin D - 2,000 IU per 6 capsule serving
  • More Vitamin K - 1,000mcg per dose
  • More Folic Acid - 1,000mcg per dose prescription strength
  •  More Vitamin B12 - 1,000mcg per dose of hydroxocobalam

Recommended Use: Adults: Six (6) capsules each day as a dietary supplement.

Warning:  Those taking coumadin/warfarin should avoid taking this product due to its vitamin K content. Patients with Vitamin D sensitivity and those taking thiazide diuretics should take Vitamin D only with a doctor's supervision. Co-administration of folic acid with anti-seizure medications must be supervised by a doctor.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. (Please see: Biotics Pre-Natal Packs)

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