De-Stress (Anxiety and Mood Support) 30 Vcaps
De-Stress (Anxiety and Mood Support) 30 Vcaps
Biotics Research Corp

De-Stress (Anxiety and Mood Support) 30 Vcaps

De-Stress from Biotics Research Corp.

80% of doctor visits are for symptoms that are at stress related. We, at, could “go off” about the effects of refined foods and sugar laden drinks, but most of you know that.  Let’s look at a natural solution that really helps with stress.  The supplement is appropriately called De-Stress. 

This product is gluten free!



One (1) capsule each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
De-Stress™ can be taken during the day at time of intense stress or before bedtime.



De-Stress™ supplies a decapeptide, as determined by its amino acid sequence, having anxiolytic activity.
A research team at Nancy University in France noted the calming effects of breast milk on babies and theorized that there was some “anti-anxiety” factor in breast milk.  Emily and I joke that breast milk is like “liquid valium” when our granddaughter, Jozie, spends the night with us to give her mom a break.
The university team, in France, was able to isolate specific bioactive peptides from milk that have anti-anxiety activity. Several double blind placebo controlled human trials done on this all natural milk protein peptide demonstrate significant anti-anxiety activity.
This particular peptide is called a decapeptide.  A decapeptide is just a tiny fraction of the large milk protein molecule which means people with milk sensitivities can usually take this product safely.
In a 15 day trial, a number of physical parameters were measured “pre and post" stress. They all improved compared to controls. In the milk peptide group, cortisol tended to normalize heart rate, blood pressure, and ACTH levels. The group who took De-Stress experienced a significant reduction in stress.
After 15 days, subjects taking the milk peptide reported better sleeping and better perception of how their lives were progressing. This is important because both the physical markers associated with stress and the subjective measures were both positively affected. What good is it to affect biochemistry if the patient doesn’t feel better?
Test subjects were asked to rate each day as a “good day” or a “bad day” during the 2 week trial. Plus, subjects rated their nights during the study as “good nights” or “bad nights”.
There are many natural remedies available that can bring a feeling of relaxation such as St John’s Wort and Kava Kava.
The ingredient in De-Stress was tested against these, using a global anxiety score.  The results show the group who received De-Stress had significantly lower anxiety scores than the St. John’s Wort, or Kava Kava group.
We all know that many drugs used for anxiety management have side effects like dependence issues, tolerance issues, and memory loss. De-Stress has been shown to be safe and free of any of the side effects.
Most of the things we use at our Self Healing Clinics take a while to take effect. Not so with De-Stress. You can often feel the effects within the hour; however, the real effects seem to be seen within 2 weeks. So here we have a natural substance that is not habit forming, takes the edge off, and allows people to get a good night sleep.
Sure, we want to address any underlying causes for prolonged stress, but first, we need to break the stress cycle.  That is what De-Stress has been clinically proven to do! 

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