Cytozyme-H (Raw Neonatal Heart) 60 Tabs
Cytozyme-H (Raw Neonatal Heart) 60 Tabs
Biotics Research Corp

Cytozyme-H (Raw Neonatal Heart) 60 Tabs

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Cytozyme-H (Raw Neonatal Heart) from Bioticts Research Corp.

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Cytozyme-H is a source of neonatal bovine heart.

Use it with cardiac stress, fatigue, lack of muscle tone or integreity, to increase muscle demand for glucose and for some cases of fibromyalgia.

Recommendation: Use one to two tablets, three times a day with meals. Along with the right exercise and diet this is a great way to bring you heart back to health.

Supplies organ specific support as Neonatal Heart Concentrate (bovine) combined with SOD and catalase important antioxidant enzymes.



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