Biomega-3 Liquid (Omega 3, EPA & DHA) 6.8 fl. oz.
Biomega-3 Liquid (Omega 3, EPA & DHA) 6.8 fl. oz.
Biotics Research Corp

Biomega-3 Liquid (Omega 3, EPA & DHA) 6.8 fl. oz.

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Biomega-3 Liquid, Omega-3, EPA, DHA (Superior Quality Marine Lipid) from Biotics Research Corp.

Biomega-3 Liquid™ provides omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs), sourced from a strategically-placed facility in the far South Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile, guaranteeing the freshest raw material available, full traceability of the product, and unparalleled purity. 

The new lemon flavoring makes our new Biomega-3 easy to enjoy!
Biomega-3™ Liquid is an all natural marine lipid concentrate derived from anchovies and sardines sourced following the strict standards of the European Union (EU).


The Biomega-3™ Liquid was initially formulated as a component of the Control-IT™ Weight Management Program, due to the high dose of Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for weight management. Due to the popularity of this supplement, mainly because of its pleasant lemon flavor and ease of use, Biomega-3™ Liquid is now available for individual purchase.

For optimal shelf life, refrigerate product after opening.

It is currently estimated that the typical North American diet contains a much greater percentage of omega-6 fatty acids, outnumbering the intake of omega-3 fatty acids by a factor of twenty,1 thus having a potential negative impact on health.

Diets deficient in essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3, have the potential to result in enormous consequences, both on body metabolism and function.2, 3, 4

As one of the classes of essential fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids serve a number of basic biological roles, including their involvement in the structure and function of biological membranes and their importance as both cellular signals and hormone precursors. They are also vital to cellular metabolism, acting as an aide in the regulation of nutrient uptake and excretion.

Fact: The typical American consumes approximately 47 pounds of white sugar and 35 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) per year, according to the  U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Studies already point to fructose playing a role in diabetes, obesity and fatty liver, but a recent study is among the first to shed light on its effects on the brain. The study, conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Physiology, determines that a steady diet high in fructose slows the brain and can seriously hamper memory and learning.

There was some good news surrounding this study, however. Interestingly, the study also indicates that essential fatty acids (EFAs) have the ability to counteract these disruptive sugar effects.

Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, a professor of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a professor of integrative biology and physiology in the UCLA College of Letters and Science, says, “Our findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think. Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain’s ability to learn and remember information. But adding EFAs, including Omega 3 and DHA to your meals, can help minimize  the damage.” 

DHA deficiency also results in resistance to insulin, which is a hormone that controls blood sugar and also regulates the brain’s synaptic function.  Because insulin can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, this UCLA study shows that a high-fructose diet harms the brain as well as the body.

Eat foods rich in EFAs such as salmon, flax seeds and walnuts. Gomez-Pinilla recommends taking EFA supplements daily. He sums it up like this:

“Our findings suggest that consuming EFAs regularly protects the brain against fructose’s harmful effects. It’s like saving money in the bank. You want to build a reserve for your brain to tap when it requires extra fuel to fight off future health problems.”


• Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin)

• Inflammatory arthritis

• Learning problems

• Attention deficit

• Irritability, melancholy and fatigue

• Frequent infections

• Increased synthesis of triglycerides

The most active and beneficial derivatives of marine derived omega-3 fatty acids are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Low levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been associated with behavioral issues and learning problems in children with attention shortfalls, including learning problems.5 In addition to its benefit in inflammation, omega-3 fatty acids have also demonstrated beneficial therapeutical effects for persons with symptoms of depression.

It is well known that essential fatty acids play a central part in both the development and function of the central nervous system. An appropriate dietary change for cardio-vascular health benefits is to emphasize an increase in the dietary amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, including the fish oil constituents EPA and DHA, while simultaneously decreasing the dietary content of omega-6 fatty acids.6 Alternately, supplemental forms of omega-3 fatty acids could be incorporated into the diet to achieve adequate EFA intake.

The average North American population’s daily intake of EPA and DHA is currently estimated at 130mg. The minimal EPA and DHA intake, as proposed by an international panel of lipid experts, is 650mg per day,7 suggesting that daily consumption should be increased five fold. Since contamination issues such as heavy metals, are of great concern with an increased consumption of dietary EPA/DHA from fish, a favorable method of increasing the daily allowance is via supplementation. Quality fish oil, specifically one that is assayed for and known to be harvested free of contaminants so as not to require distillation, thus remaining fully functional and biologically active, is a smart choice for all.

At Biotics Research Corporation, all of our omega-3 fatty acids are tested for heavy metal contamination and are assured to be safe for you and your patients. The natural lemon flavor included in Biomega-3™ Liquid makes this product easy to enjoy. 

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