b-VITAL (Hormonal/Libido Support) 60 Caps
b-VITAL (Hormonal/Libido Support) 60 Caps
Biotics Research Corp

b-VITAL (Hormonal/Libido Support) 60 Caps

b-VITAL (Hormonal-Libido Support) from Biotics Research Corp. 

b-VITAL provides a “treasure from the Andes”, Peruvian Maca Root, used for centuries to restore hormonal balance and restore energy, combined with Velvet Deer Antler, harvested live (no need to destroy these awesome creatures) from American Elk. The many traditional uses of these adaptogenic compounds are due to their rich and diverse nutrient and phytochemical compositions.   


b-VITAL is an all natural, patented formula clinically shown to augment testosterone levels in men. Testosterone plays critical roles in men's health, including cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, testosterone levels decline with age.

Naturally Augments Testosterone Levels In Men!® 

TESTOSTERONE (pg/ml) A preliminary study of men (unpublished), ages 45-55, found that supplementation with b-VITAL® for 30 days increased salivary free testosterone in 100% of subjects.

Roles of Testosterone in Cardiovascular Health. The medical literature indicates important roles for testosterone in cardiovascular health. Testosterone levels decline in men with increasing age (Zmuda JM et al).

The following are examples of recent research linking testosterone to health in aging men: Risk of cardiovascular disease; Low plasma testosterone may be a risk factor for coronary artery disease (Zhao, 1998); and Imbalanced serum lipids.

The age-related decline in testosterone correlated with increased serum triglycerides, increased LDL and decreased HDL in middle aged men (Zmuda,1997;Simon,1997). There was also increased apolipoprotein A1 (Simon, 1997).

Risk of stroke: Total and free testosterone were inversely associated with stroke severity and mortality (Jeppesen, 1996).

Role in blood clotting: Fibrinolytic system Testosterone supports the fibrinolytic system and anti- thrombin activity (Shapiro, 1999). Risk of diabetes low testosterone and sex-hormone binding protein were found to be risk factors for diabetes in elderly men (Tibblin, 1996).

Elevated fasting blood glucose, insulin levels and abdominal obesity compared to men with normal plasma total testosterone, men with low testosterone had a higher body mass index, waist/hip ratio, fasting 2 hour plasma glucose and, fasting 2 hour plasma insulin levels (Simon et al, 1997).



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