B12-2000, 60 Great Tasting Lozenges
B12-2000, 60 Great Tasting Lozenges
Biotics Research Corp

B12-2000, 60 Great Tasting Lozenges

B12-2000, 60 Great Tasting Lozenges from Biotics Research Corp.

Each B12-2000™ pleasant tasting lozenge supplies a high potency level of vitamins B12, folate, and B6. Each of these vitamins is important in a wide range functions, and the status of each is impacted by a large number of pharmaceutical compounds.

B12-2000™ Lozenges are especially important for women who are pregnant, or who are wishing to become pregnant, as it contains a high level of folate. 

This product is gluten and dairy free!

Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin, is an indispensable coenzyme for two very important enzymes having key roles in internal metabolism. The first enzyme ring, methylmalonyl-CoA mutase, is involved in fatty acid metabolism, and the second, methionine synthase is involved in nucleic acid synthesis and methylation reactions.
Folate, like B12, is required for DNA synthesis. Folate is an integral participant in protein synthesis as well as lipid metabolism. Vitamin B6 is vital to numerous functions.
These functions include immune support, gluconeogenesis, red cell metabolism, as well as lipid and neurotransmitter synthesis, which affects the nervous system and hormone function.

Oral Contraceptive – Drug/Nutrient Interactions:

The use of oral contraceptives are associated with decreased folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 levels. Among the areas of concern are the increased plasma homocysteine concentration (which impacts cardiac health), and in the case of pregnancy after cessation of oral contraceptive use, the increased risk of neural tube defects resulting from folate depletion. 

Nutritional Status and Age-related hearing loss in Elderly Women:

Concern over B12 and folate status is not limited to women of child bearing age. Poor vitamin B12 and folate status may be associated with age-related auditory function. Two of the most common vitamin inadequacies in the elderly are vitamin B12 and folate. 

Product Information:

Each bottle of B12-2000™ Lozenges provides a full 60 days of nutritional support to help maintain adequate vitamin B12, folate and B6 levels. Supplied as a great tasting lozenge, B12-2000™ Lozenges allows for sublingual uptake of B12 which has been demonstrated to be an effective means of delivery of this important nutrient.

One (1) lozenge each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

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