ADHS (Adrenal Support) 120 or 240 Tabs
ADHS (Adrenal Support) 120 or 240 Tabs
Biotics Research Corp

ADHS (Adrenal Support) 120 or 240 Tabs

ADHS (Adrenal Support) from Biotics Research Corp.

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ADHS is an adaptogenic formation designed to support normal cortisol levels.

ADHS contains no glandular material and is appropriate for vegetarians. 

This product is gluten and dairy free! 

ADHS® provides nutritional support for the adrenals in a non-glandular formula, consisting of herbal adaptogens, and supportive vitamins and minerals.

It aids in supporting bodily functions when the body is under stress, and in supporting normal cortisol values, which may be especially important in obesity, Syndrome X and hyperinsulinism. Stress, a poor diet and environmental toxins are also contributors of adrenal malfunction, as referred to by Hans Selye’s as “diseases of civilization.”

Nutritional Support for Adrenal Function:

An extensive body of research provides important insights into nutritional support for adrenal function.

Additionally, stress increases the need for many nutrients. A variety of factors affects the function of the adrenal glands, and may include dietary, environmental and/or innate mechanisms. Dietary factors are important contributors of adrenal stress.

For example excess dietary carbohydrates or diets low in protein put additional stress on the adrenals. Inadequate or poor quality water also affects the adrenals due to inadequate oxygenation of the tissues. Prolonged or persistent hyperfunction may consequently result in disease outcomes, including Cushing syndrome, hyperaldosteronism, or adrenogenital syndromes.

An additional end result of adrenal hyperfunction is the excess production of one of the three corticosteroids; cortisol, aldosterone or adrenal androgens. In children and adolescents adrenal hyperfunction may ultimately result in stunted growth and short stature in adults. Growth hormone was also observed to be low in patients with adrenal hyperfunction.

Consequently, adrenal stress results in a greater need for many nutrients.

Amino Acids for Catecholamine Synthesis

L-Tyrosine is a conditionally essential amino acid. This key raw material is a precursor for the synthesis of catecholamines, epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).  Stress increases the release of catecholamines, which in turn may result in depletion of their levels. As a precursor of the catecholamies, alterations in L-tyrosine availability result in an influential response in the synthesis of dopamine and norepoinephrine. This effect can be minimized by the use of supplemental L-tyrosine



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