Inositol (from rice) 200 tabs
Inositol (from rice) 200 tabs
Biotics Research Corp

Inositol (from rice) 200 tabs

Inositol (from rice) by Biotics Research Corp.

This product is gluten and dairy free!

Inositol provides a supplemental source of inositol from rice. Among its other actions, inositol is involved in neuronal signaling and osmotic regulation in the brain. Since all the major neurotransmitter systems, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and acetylcholine, use inositol as part of their messaging line, it may be beneficial in supporting neurotransmitter function. It may be considered whenever supplemental inositol is indicated.

Recommended dose:

Two (2) tablets one (1) to three (3) times each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise indicated by a healthcare provider.




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